Samsung’s foldable Phone: Its Rumors, Specs, Pics, and more

Samsung's foldable phone

Samsung’s foldable phone unveiled

Samsung finally unveiled its first foldable smartphone in its series at Samsung developer conference. Samsung called this “Galaxy X” or “Galaxy F”. This announcement is not very detailed about its core specifications they were for the Galaxy S9 unveiling. As the new era has started and the companies were teasing out in creating some unique concepts smartphone as Samsung has done.

Samsung’s foldable phone has a screen size of 7.3 inches when folded out and 4.5-inch Display that you’ll use when it’s closed. Well, Samsung announced its first detail about its foldable phone about its technology called “Samsung infinity flex Display” but didn’t feature too much, They just only want to introduce to its new technology, dimming the light to hide design details.

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Is the Samsung’s Foldable Phone is Durable?

Many things came across at Samsung developer conference, Samsung said, they were still working on many applications to be perfectly worked out in the foldable display including a rollable display and stretchable ones. Also, their development could help them to make the Display more durable including the lifespan of the foldable technology, but Samsung said that the foldable screen can be folded “hundred of thousand times” so as to make more stable and increase its lifespan they would have to do more development.

How the apps will work in Samsung’s Foldable Display?


Samsung's foldable phone

For running apps. It is to be expected to have a better app transition whenever we fold the phone while using an app, it automatically transfers the app or screen you’re looking at in the folded-up “closed” position to the “open” position and vice versa. It is not like that being expected from Royole FlexPai.

On the stage, we saw, the phone was folded and unfolded several time without any fail. that can be clearly seen that the device took the shape of a tablet when it unfolded, means the outer Display is immediately activated whatever app was open, it automatically transfers to the outer Display, looks like it has two Displays. The larger display is used when folded out and when folded the small display, the device actives the smaller exterior Display.

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Samsung's foldable phone

Getting to its Design, the company doesn’t much say about is design but we know, when it folded up it looks like a traditional smartphone and a tablet when folded out. Samsung also announced it’s working with Google to designed an user-friendly UI which may they called as “dubbed OneUI“. Samsung also needs to be work with the third-party app developer to integrate with their foldable Display.

The concepts and Design are being patented by LetsGoDigital titled by “Foldable Electronic Device Including Hidden Display and Information Display Method Thereof”

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Getting over to its specifications, the Samsung also doesn’t describe to its main feature but according to some rumours, the upcoming smartphone may come with a 7nm processor which can also be seen at Galaxy X. From some tweets, the Samsung Foldable smartphone can be the next gaming smartphone but doesn’t guarantee to be accurate.

There are many questions revolving around since the leakers don’t have much track records about its price and core features.

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