How to read unsend message on Instagram

How to read unsend message on Instagram



Instagram is the most popular social media of sharing cool pictures and videos after facebook. and has more than 700 million users in the world. After unveiling Instagram Direct feature, now people can send their videos, photos, plain text to anyone on Instagram, even their profiles are private. And so, at while, if a person unsend the message or recall the message, you can easily read that message. So, this post will be explaining “how to read unsend message on Instagram“.

There are tons of ways available on the internet that how to read unsend message on Instagram, but many of them are outdated or not working. But here you will get a complete guide to read unsend message on Instagram. In fact, according to the new update on Instagram, Once the sender has deleted the message, it will no longer be visible in your inbox ever again. So we will be going to use a trick that won’t require any app installation or any website to do this. This will be completely done by using your android settings.

Requirements to how to read unsend message on Instagram

  • First of all, you will need an Android phone, that should be above Android Lollipop 5.0, you can also use any android version but above Android 5.0 is recommended because that setting may not be there on some different company phones running below Android 5.0. ( but work best on Android 8.0)
  • Now, you will need an active Instagram account that should be updated with your login account.
  • Make sure, the sender has not blocked you, otherwise, this will not work!
  • Then you have to check your app info settings of Instagram, that there shouldn’t be any notification blockage, make sure you give all appropriate permission to Instagram, especially notification.

Now we are ready to get started, all just we have to do that…

Process to how to read unsend message on Instagram

  • The very first step is to open your Instagram account when any sender sends you a message (only text) and unsend that message.

how to read unsend message on Instagram and its requirement


  • When the sender, send you a message, you will receive a message notification on your phone ( it is recommended that you should receive that message notification or this trick will won’t work).

how to read unsend message on Instagram on any android

  • After that, you will need to open your phone’s widgets and search for “settings shortcut” and drag and drop it to your home screen, then a pop-up opens showing many shortcut settings, you have to choose “Notification log” and then the widget will be placed on your home screen. ( i am assuming that your sender has unsend the message, then after you are applying this trick)
  • After that, you can see all that every notification records that you receive a day and then you need to select those Instagram notification that you have received just right now. (make sure you should not clear the notifications from the drop-down menu)

how to read unsend message on Instagram on direct message

  • Now tap on that notification you want to see that unsend message, now you can see many codes, after that, you need to find “android.text:” or that “sender’s username” on that menu.
  • Congratulations, you just find your unsend message.

Some limitations are there that, you can only checkup up to 50 messages because the notifications log can only hold up to only 50 log entries. Also, this trick may not work if you clear or swipe notifications, the notification logs may clear automatically if your android version is below 8.0.

But even so, many advantages are there, that you not only can take up use in reading unsend deleted messages of Instagram but also you can use in facebook messenger (if any how the messenger stop working and you won’t able to see messages). But it will not work on WhatsApp unsend messages, because many update patches have come, it will show “this message was deleted



This is a great Instagram trick to read unsend messages, you can use on almost every android but as I told above, this trick may not work on Android below 5.0 because there may not be any “settings shortcut” or may not record the log data. But this will perfectly work on Android 8.0 (as tested), as it will keep the notifications logs even if the notifications were clear from the drop-down menu.

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