How to install Remix OS on PC

Remix OS is a very light weight and minimalistic operating system in which you can have the whole android experience and its possible to install your favorite android apps right on your PC. So in this article you will be getting a complete step by step guide of how to install remix os on pc.

Remix OS is an Android-based open-source Android x86 project in which it, not only provides you a true Android experience but also, you will be able to test and run, on almost all the android applications.

Ths operating system is based on the latest build which aims to give a conventional way to let you operate the OS without having heavy specs on your computer. The OS also provides you a tablet-like experience in which you can enjoy the android apps and games, right on your pc.

Install remix OS on pc in a step by step process

There are many ways to install the Remix OS but here below you will get a easy to follow steps that anyone can do the following things. Installing Remix OS on PC is not a rocket science, you just have to follow the written steps carefully to get the 100% success.

Remix OS doesn’t require much RAM and processor to run, it can also run on your old PC. The best part is, you can install Remix OS on the USB flash drive and hard drive as dual boot mode. So now no hassel of installing over your current data.

Some equirements that you should must have, before installing your operating system on your hard drive or USB drive. Some minimum requirements are.

  • Windows 7 64-bit is minimum
  • Pentium processor (i3 or i5 is recommended)
  • At least 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage

Method 1. How to install Remix OS on USB flash drive

So first we will be installing the Remix OS on USB drive, Installing on flash drive is like tasting an ice-cream, you can have the first experience of the os so that you could test it, weather it is compatible for you and your pc or not.

Note – This will install on your USB drive, it will not affect the any of the files on your hard drive

For installing on the hard drive, you need to give some space for the remix OS to properly install on your system and don’t worry, your existing operating system won’t be affected, you can have like Dual OS on your PC in which you can desire to choose any both of them while on boot mode.

Step 1. Download setup files

First, you need to download the Remix OS iso image file, you will get the link here. There you will get two options to download, you can download as per your system type and BIOS ( you can check through, pressing Windows key + R and type “MSInfo32”. Then, check BIOS Mode and System Type ).

We recommend to go through legacy version as it works best on older PCs and covers almost any type of PCs while UEFI version is for traditional PCs. From the downloaded folder you will get everything, that you will need to install and don’t forget to extract it.

download remix os

Step 2. Format USB drive in FAT32 format

Next step is to, format the USB flash drive in FAT32 format, choose the drive carefully, that you are going to use in installation. (size of USB drive should be minimum 16GB)

Format usb drive to install remix os

Step 3. Install through Remix OS installation tool

Now, open and run the Remix OS installation tool from the folder that you have just extracted. Now you need to select the ISO file, where you have extracted it and select USB Drive from the option to install. You can also choose Hard Drive but as we are installing from USB, we will see the hard drive option later.

Install through Remix OS installation tool

Step 4. Finish reboot after installing

Now, the tool will start its magic, it begins to copy the installation files to USB flash drive, and it will take 2-3 minutes to finish the copy. Now the tool will ask to reboot the system. Click “Reboot Now” or you can click “Exit” to do it later. But I recommend to do the reboot process now.

reboot system after remix os install

Step 5. Open Boot mode settings

Once you are ready to restart your PC, make sure you should have inserted the USB flash drive at the time of installing. Now while restarting your PC, you have to go to BIOS mode settings ( by tapping F12 or F9 ).

Now, go to boot option and “disable secure boot mode” and also disable the “legacy mode“. Make sure you have selected USB flash drive as first boot preference. Once you did, save the settings and again restart your PC.

open boot mode in bios

Step 6. Click on Resident Mode

Once you have restarted and booted through USB, you will be asked to select ” Resident Mode” or ” Guest Mode“. The Resident mode will allow you to save you all changes and data on the flash drive, While the guest mode doesn’t save any data. So, my recommendation is to select resident mode, as you are just testing the OS.

Step 7. It will boot for first time

Once you have selected the Resident mode, The remix OS will start up and take the time for its first boot. It might take a while to load, depending on your system configuration.

boot remix os

Step 8. Configure Remix OS

Now, after successfully installation, you will see this image and so you are ready to setup the Remix OS, Now it will ask you to configure your language, wifi connection, and user agreement, etc. Once you have completed the setup, you will be promoted to your home screen.

configure remix os

Method 2. How to Install Remix OS on Hard Drive ( PC )

In this method, we will be going to install Remix OS on the Hard drive. You will get many benefits as you can use Dual OS feature, if you have much space left to handle both of them. You will also need to create a partition and its entries. Its quiet complex, But if you follow my step by step process, You will definitely get the absolute result.

Step 1. Use partition tool

First, you will need to create a partition of your hard drive, you can choose any hard drive having space at least 16GB ( except Local Disk C ). Now you have to use the windows partition tool or else you can use the AOMEI partition tool for a quick setup. I am using this tool because it has more features and its easy to do.

Step 2. Create a partition

Once you have downloaded and installed. open the software and you will see your drives showing volume. You have to right-click on the drive you want to create a partition and choose “split partition option“.

A new box will appear and then you will be asked to enter new partition size, you have to enter 16GB and then click “ok“. You may be asked to purchase the software. You can enter AOPR-008S0-PS6H6-8UXJX in the box if you want, else you easliy install through this free version.

create parition for installation

Step 3. Convert and restart your pc

Once you click ok, you have to click on apply located at the top menu. Now it will ask to reboot your system, So just restart the PC and then AOMEI Partition Assistant will start working in the BIOS mode, this process may take 10-15 minutes.

Once the process been completed, it will automatically restart your PC and your partition will be created. If your new partition is in NTFS, you have to convert it into FAT32. For that, you can use this tool and select NTFS to FAT32 converter, located at the left menu.

convert and restart your pc

Step 4. Extract the ISO file

Next, you have to extract the files from the Remix OS ISO img file into your installation drive, and make sure you, extract all the files correctly, as shown in the image.

extract remix os iso file

Step 5. Install Easy BCD

Now, you need to create entries, for that, you need to download the EasyBCD software and install it, Once you install, just open and click on “Add new entry” and click on option “ISO” and select the Remix OS ISO img file from the option “path“.

Now, click on Add Entry, a new dialogue box will open and it shows some codes running, wait for few seconds and the entry will be created.

install easy bcd software

Step 6. Make necessary settings in boot mode

Now you have to immediatly reboot the system, and make sure you must disable the secure boot option and legacy mode from the boot menu.

chnage settings in boot menu

Step 7. Choose Remix OS in the dual boot menu

Now you have to again restart the system, and then you can see the Dual boot menu, wheather to choose your existing windows or remix os.

Step 8. Choose the mode

After you selected the remix os in dual boot mode, now it will start to process the files and after few seconds, you will be asked to select ” Resident Mode” or ” Guest Mode“. The Resident mode will allow you to save all the changes and data on the hard drive, While the guest mode doesn’t save any data.

select residential mode

Step 9. Configure basic settings

Now just wait for the first boot and you will be promoted to setup your Remix OS to choose language, user agreement and other basic settings

Congrats, you have successfully installed remix OS on PC.

Features of Remix OS

Talking about its home screen, the Remix OS has a similar look to what you see in windows. It has a taskbar, start menu, system tray, and a multitasking feature in which it is optimized in such a way that it can run your favorite apps in multi-windows functionality.

The best part is, you can download your apps and games from the play store and that is too supported google play services in the latest build. But still, there are few bugs in-play service while creating an account in it. As for installation, it’s easy to install Remix OS on PC.

Why should you install Remix OS on your PC?

There can be many reasons to run Remix OS on your PC. But basically Remix OS is for those people who want to experience an android like environment in windows. Another reason is that the developers who want to test their underdeveloped apps in an secure environment.

Additionally, Remix OS is very beautiful operating system to work on different things such as browsing and playing android games. At least this Android-based OS can make a cool experience with a new android feel.


Remix OS is a very simple and minimalistic OS that you can install on your PC without any hesitation. You can install this OS without any extra efforts and specification on your pc. Remix OS has tons of features like Multi-tasking, Taskbar, System Tray, start menu, Keyboard shortcuts, Right-click mouse features, and Linux File manager.

It gives the experience of both android and windows look and feel, it is also very smooth in design and animation. Therefore, its a premium pack for android as well as Windows users.

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