How to Download from Torrent

There are tons of things available on the internet, many of those things can be very useful to us, but they aren’t available for free. Thus we have to pay for it.

However, there’s always a dark side of the internet where you can always access those pirated things, which you are not up to download simply and lastly ends up on searching in the torrent sites.

As, if we want to download something, but that could be in larger gigabytes, also took up much half the typical time, then torrent will help you in the transfer of your files anywhere in the world by way of torrent clients or say torrent tools. Moreover, it is also the best, safe and reliable way to transfer the files.

Today, we are going to explore everything you need to know about torrent, the sites from where you can download from them, the clients and tools you can use, and will also provide you with in-depth knowledge about the torrent workings.

How to download from torrent

how to download from torrent

Now, let’s have a look, how you can download files from torrent using torrenting software and torrent sites using the most reliable and safest way.

Before, you start, Let you know that torrent sites are banned from India because many pirated software and other stuff are there for download which is not legal to do this. However, here, you will be getting the safest and effective way to download your desired material.

There have been many popular torrent sites like kickass search, torrentz and many others, but they are closed due to unknown reason.

In this list, you will find some perfectly working torrent sites that you use to download movies, software, games, music etc.

Note – Before accessing any of these sites listed below, please use VPN apps or extension, because your ISP and local agencies are tracking you using torrents that may contain pirated content. To download VPN, please click here.

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List of torrent sites


how to download from torrent

In the early days, was on the biggest torrent site, but a few years back, the site was closed, and now it is being replaced by which is also now become the most popular torrent site that people used to download the files. Make sure you must check the ratings and comments to find out the legitimate data.

These type of sites includes all kinds of files including video, data, music, games, software and their seeds and leeches are also fluctuating depending upon the data and uploading or seeding speed.

#2. Extratorrent

how to download from torrent

There is always one site which has a massive database like one of them is extratorrent which have a database overflowing with torrents.

The user can upload to this website and share it anywhere, but the same problem is here, you have to be careful with those harmful files which may contain virus and trojans that can hack your system. However, the best part is, you will also get a tick mark on the record showing it’s not harmful.

#3. kickAss Torrents (KAT)

how to download from torrent

Kickass is one of the oldest and popular torrents that have been around for years that dives millions of files downloads in these recent years. This site is also known for sharing secure data and the clean site developed by those who want to create a platform to share clean non-fake data.

This site is also always updated from the latest movies to software uploaded by some regular passionate users.

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#4. Torrents.ME

how to download from torrent

Torrents.ME is another simple torrent site and isn’t the cleanest site among the ones, but its homepage looks fantastic, it shows the latest search graph trend which also looks nice for seeing which downloads are popular. Torrents. ME have a vast database, especially for downloading software and files.

It also includes top categories in which you can explore more including Tv shows, movies, General, Music, Games.

#5. LimeTorrents

how to download from torrent

Limetorrents are itself being a tribute to the favourite KAT database lists. The database has been indexed over 12 million working links over the last few years. The site UI is immaculate, user-friendly and supports magnet links.

So, These are some popular and excellent sites that you can use to download the files safely, but since this is not only the thing, you also have to download and set up the torrenting software from where you will go to access those torrent files to download it on your pc.

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Setting up torrenting software

Before you start to download the files, you must have torrenting software on your device like android or pc; Although it is free, there may be some ads running. However, you can purchase the software to avoid ads. So, these are some torrenting software you can download.

  • qBittorent
  • Utorrent
  • Deluge
  • Bittorent

These applications have its benefits and features, also talking about the populist, utorrent is most popular among the peoples. Some of this software are both available on Android and Windows like Bittorent and utorrent.

Download torrent step by step

I will be showing you how to download utorrent on pc as the mobile version can be downloaded from the play store.

#1. Download utorrent client

how to download from torrent

To download the client, head over to the utorrent website and download the latest version of utorrent classic and download it on your computer.

#2. Installing utorrent client

how to download from torrent

Once, you have downloaded the file, open it and move to the installation process which is again very easy. Just keep clicking “Next” until this page comes, it will offer you to download opera mini, but really, you don’t need this. Just uncheck opera browser and click “Next”.

how to download from torrent

Now you can see some options, leave it as it is or otherwise you can customise it as per your requirement and now click on “Next”. Now, It will start installing your software and then click finish.

how to download from torrent

Now, your utorrent client is successfully installed and ready to download torrent files.

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How to download files from torrent sites

Now its time for the central part of this article, you have already downloaded the torrent client and also knowing the torrent sites. All you have to do that, go to any torrent sites mentioned above like I am using kickass and open in a new tab along with VPN software and search anything you want to download.

how to download from torrent


Now you have a list of various thing, click on the small magnet icon and automatically, your utorrent software will be opened, and a dialogue box opens showing the files and folder contained in it.

how to download from torrent

Now, You can also deselect the files you don’t want to download, once finished, click ok

how to download from torrent

Congrats, your torrent finally starts downloading on your computer and will download on the speed depending upon the seeds and leechers.

Once, it is download, you can open it through the client, or you can access through the location where you saved it, now you can enjoy the files downloaded from torrent.

How does Torrent work?

Now, you have done the complete step of downloading the torrent files to your pc, But maybe you are wondering how does the torrent work? What are leechers? What are seeds?. Well, you might get all of these answers in this page itself.

Well, the concept is quite simple, Suppose, you want to share some of your files to your family and friends, but they could be in more massive megabytes. So now, you will create a .torrent file which points torrenting software called torrent clients or tools, now it automatically recognises those files location on your computer.

Now you can easily share those .torrent files to your friends, and they can easily download those files from their torrent clients which is then directed towards the location of the data on your computer and can download those files even without uploading it to any cloud storage

This is how it works, transfer data from computer to computer via torrenting software.

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Detailed insight about the torrent

You might be confused about those when you download!

how to download from torrent leechers

You might saw this window, showing seeds, Peers. Well, seeds are the number of those people who currently have those files in the computer or say they are one who is hosting those files which means you can download directly from their system.

The more seeds there will be. The faster you will download the files.

Peers are just opposite of seeds; Peers are those people who are downloading those files directly to the computer. The more peers there are on a file, the slower your download will be.

Now, from next time, make sure you must look for those torrents with as many as seeds possible.


Torrenting is an excellent thing for downloading your desired files, movies, games and much more!. But you should be aware of the rules of the torrent, not all torrents sites are illegal, but if you are doing regular torrenting by your normal ISP, there could be some problem you can face in future.

Surfing torrent sites for learning, downloading copyright-free content, then it’s legal, but there may be cases that you could risk breaking the law or infecting your computer with malicious software or viruses.

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