How to Change drive letter: [Easy &amp, Fast Guide]

How to Change drive letter

How to Change drive letter

Windows Usually give you a default letter for your hard drive, that will be easy to remember but some persons are always wanted to change or know How to Change drive letter.

In this post, You will get a complete guide that it will be very simple and easy way on How to Change drive letter.

So let’s Jump right in.

Its easy just follow the steps below:

1. Open The Disk Management Tool:

How to Change drive letter

The disk management tool, is the first step to change the letter of drive, there are 9 ways to do this, but I’ll simply just show you one.

For Windows 10, Type Disk Management on the Search bar on the Start Menu or press window + R and type “diskmgmt.msc” and hit enter.

The same applies to other windows, and it’s very simple to do this.

There will be about 4 results, but click on:

Create and Format Hard disk Partitions

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2. Right Click on The Target Hard drive you want to change its letter:

When the Disk Management Tool shows up, it should be no different from what is below:

How to Change drive letter

After you have located the Hard drive you want to change its letter, right click on the hard drive, A contextual pop-up menu will appear.

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3. Change the Drive Letter according to your Preference:

In the Contextual Menu or Pop up, click on:

Change Drive Letter or path

How to Change drive letter

Disk Management Automatically, opens a small window, you will see the present letter used to label the drive.

Click or Tap on the Change Button
Another Dialogue appears and it’s titled

“Change Drive Letter or Path”

On the Right side, there is a list of letters that you can use for your hard drive.

The default Value is the one that is already used by the hard drive as of recent.

How to Change drive letter

4. Click on the Letter list and choose the Desired Letter according to your preferences.


How to Change the Letter of Drive

After selecting your preferred letter, click on Ok.

The time I tried it Windows warned me that some apps may stop working but if you see the same please don’t panic as It’s not really an issue most apps will keep on running on it, without any issues.

Windows now leave you a dialogue to make your final decision, although still warning you, but if you are really determined to change the letter then you can proceed and click on Yes.

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But how then do you know the RIght letter to choose?

Well for me I feel it’s based on your preference, but at the same time, it should be something you can easily remember when you are trying to Track your files

You could Choose your Favourite Alphabet or letter as you can easily remember it.

So as you can see it’s not hard to actually change the letter of the drive on your Windows PC, and now that you know how to Change drive letter try sharing this great tip with others.

Do you have any Questions or say about these steps? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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